Welcome to Little Dog Live! We are pleased to be able to offer you access to some of the most interesting live music events happening today, as they are performed, in HD audio and video.

A variety of services exist to allow you to stream your own event. In most cases however, this is achieved with a single, wide-angle view of the stage from one camera, and often with questionable audio quality. The alternative to this is either a very expensive live broadcast, or a slow process of recording the event and assembling the content in post-production.

Little Dog Live offers multiple HD cameras switched live, and married to true broadcast-quality audio.

For Artists

Little Dog Live recognizes that it is the artists themselves that drive our entertainment experience, and we strive first and foremost to support them in their efforts. A robust on-line presence is essential to contemporary artists, and the video and audio representation of their work should be of the same high quality as the work itself. If you have a performance, presentation, or event that you want to stream live or document with high quality audio and video, please be in touch to see if we can help you realize that dream.

As part of our working process, and in addition to live stream cut, Little Dog Live creates high-quality multi-track recordings and full HD isolated camera recordings of every event we capture. These files can be made available to the artists for an additional fee at the end of the performance for further editing or post-production.

For Presenters

Little Dog Live recognizes that presenters and venues are interested in having an online presence, but are frequently stymied by the technical and economic challenges of making that happen. Some established venues are making large investments in time and technology to get their shows online, but this is not a practical model for a concert promoter who is presenting a one-off festival or event in a rented venue. In the past, presenting a high-quality, great sounding broadcast in this situation would be cost-prohibitive and physically impractical.

Little Dog Live has developed a very flexible production system that produces quality results, even in situations that seem impractical for live broadcast. We can arrive at the venue mere hours before the show itself and produce a high-quality live stream. If you’re presenting an event that you would like to extend to the internet, please be in touch and let Little Dog Live help you make that a reality.

Stream Your Own Show

High quality audio and video live-streaming