About Little Dog Live

Little Dog Live has grown out of a desire to make live streaming and documentation of any event both affordable and high quality, something which has been previously unavailable.

The project was born out of frustration at seeing YouTube videos of amazing musical performances presented in inferior quality video and audio, and the desire to create a system that might allow those artists to have access to video and audio quality that reflects the calibre of the work itself.

Whether streamed live as the event is happening, or archived and presented for future viewing, artists can now take advantage of broadcast-quality presentations of their work at a reasonable price point.

Welcome to Little Dog Live! We are pleased to be able to offer you access to some of the most interesting live music events happening today, as they are performed, in HD audio and video.

High quality audio and video live-streaming

About the Little Dog

The inspiration for our name came from a particular little dog that is overflowing with personality. We hope to be as agreeable, fun, and inspiring to be around as he is.

We like the little dog!

Also, Nipper the RCA Victor dog was an early fan of high-fidelity recording, and we hope to continue in that tradition.