Featured Event: Feb 27 - March 1 - Beyond: Microtonal Music Festival


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Friday, February 27

8 p.m. Concert

Guitarists Mak Grgic and Daniel Lippel with Michael Harrison

Mak Grgic and Daniel Lippel will perform Radulescu’s Subconcious Wave and other works. Theodore Mook performs Ezra Sims’ Solo, and Michael Harrison will perform his hour-long work, Revelation, for re-tuned piano.

Saturday, February 28

8 p.m.Concert

Flux Quartet will perform Scelsi’s String Quartet #2 and other works. Mantra Percussion will perform Michael Gordon’s epic hour-long piece, Timber, for six 2 x 4 pieces of wood and light installation.

Sunday, March 1

8 p.m. Concert

Ray-Kallay Duo will perform Enno Pope’s Rad, as well as works by Eric Moe (premiere), Frank J. Oteri, Kyle Gann, and others. Flux Quartet and Mantra Percussion will perform a new work by Mathew Rosenblum, written for Flux Quartet and Mantra Percussion together (premiere). Alia Musica will perform Nach-Ruf... ent-gleitend by Georg Friedrich Haas.